A smattering of songs (original unless noted otherwise). Thanks for watching!

The Bandshell, San Francisco: 

Life Just Got Sweeter - a song about our two favorite subjects: food and love. Written by The Hula Honeys

Honey Bee - with a new tap solo by Cierra

Little Black Dress

Wouldn't Mean It

Bei Mir Bist Du Schon

Headed for Heartbreak

High Street Staion, Alameda:

Little Black Dress: An ode to the anytime, anywhere wardrobe workhorse, by Jessie.

Drive: A teenage diva begs her mom to let her drive. Lyrics by Jessie.

Baking Blues: A love song and cautionary tale about baking without your sugar. 

Maxed Out (My Sugar Daddy): Cierra warns us of the perils of compulsive shopping.

Headed for Heartbreak: throwing caution to the wind in the arena of l'amour.

Think Twice: A song about Jessie's least favorite pastime - dating.

Honey Bee: Is the honey worth the sting? Is this love, or just pollination? This song asks these and other probing questions. (Thanks to David Wagner for planting the seed for this song!)

 Bei Mir Bist Du Schon: The Andrew Sisters classic, done Belles style.

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